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Ed Unitsky - Artwork and cover design for "The Gates of Never"

Ed Unitsky is an international visual artist and designer, well known for his surrealistic fantasy images and mesmerizing album covers. He designed cover art for the albums of The Tangent, Guy Manning, The Flower Kings, Tomas Bodin, Starcastle, D'Arcana, Robert Svilpa, Laurie Larson, Gert Emmens, Moongarden, Unitopia, Mandalaband, Nine Stones Close, Riversea, Silhouette, La Tulipe Noire, and many others, primarily progressive/space rock bands and musicians.
Ed Unitsky has created a number of artworks for other music projects as well - from logos (such as RoSfest's ones), designs/artworks for websites, promo-videos and presentations to stage set designs.
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